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The moment I creased my Air Force! 

My Story

Growing up, most kids want to fit-in with the crowd... not me. I never felt this desire for acceptance and I always enjoyed being well,  "different". I wanted to stand out! 

I remember watching the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and thinking how I want to be just like Will, with his inside-out blazer! I would sit at home and customise my uniform, school bag and even my class books, just so that they are unique.


This innate sense on individuality has been fundamental throughout all areas of my life, be it through fashion or writing. I help people and businesses alike, share their voice and project their unique message to the world.

My passion for writing was an unexpected one. I was fortunate enough to have a teacher who truly believed in me, despite my ignorance to school conformity rules! My English teacher recognised a talent and supported me to take the next step and acquire a degree in English. (Shout out to Mrs B if you're reading this, thank you!) 

Alongside the words, were many kicks and threads. I used whatever money I made selling popcorn whilst at university, to pick up some of my most sought-after pieces. To this day, I'm still a self confessed sneakerhead and fashion addict. Often buying another pair of shoes, which can only be justified in my head! Other sneakerheads out there, you know exactly what I mean! 

Fresh out of Uni, I landed a fantastic sales role which I thoroughly enjoyed. I've always had a knack for sales, it seems to come to me naturally - although, I must admit that I would invest time and effort into learning best sales practices regularly.


Having hit the ground running with sales, I quickly discovered that I could make a living that combines all of my life passions - sales, writing and fashion. 


And so my copywriting journey begins...

I would study day in and day out, learning from industry experts and shadowing mentors. Set on developing my craft and writing persuasive and engaging copy that can resonate with audiences.

My knowledge of the fashion industry, sales, and background writing knowledge provided me the perfect foundations. Enabling me to story tell for some amazing brands and businesses, worldwide.

Over the years, I have developed and grown into the professional fashion copywriter you see today. Helping to positively grow brands all across the globe, from small scale start-up's to writing international copy for industry heavyweights, such as New Balance. 

A man of my word - get in touch today and let's discuss how I can help you and your business. 

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